By Bill Shields

BLACKSTONE (CBS) – In a Blackstone neighborhood, residents say explosions have been going on for a couple of months, usually between 10 and midnight. Explosions, not just fireworks rock parts of town, shaking homes and fraying nerves.

Joe Scapichio has three young daughters. “It’s aggravating because the girls are sleeping then 10 o’clock at night you get the big explosion,” Scapichio said.

Now, the State Fire Marshal is involved, saying this is more than a nuisance, and they’re offering a $5,000 reward. “It’s a dangerous thing,” said Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey.

At Jennifer Stearns’ home the other night, a camera in the foyer caught the flash outside that rocked the neighborhood. “It’s pretty concerning especially with having two children, and we just want to make sure that our neighborhood is safe and our town is safe for them to grow up in,” Stearns said.

They’re not pipe bombs or small fireworks. Maybe something in between, like a cherry bomb or quarter stick of dynamite.

“You’ll see a big white flash and then it’s like a huge loud explosion sound, and it’s one big one and it shakes the house,” another resident said.

After the explosions, some residents have rushed out looking for the culprit, with no luck.

“These explosions risk causing property damage and starting a fire, especially during this extreme drought, is very high,” Blackstone Police said. “These late night explosions are disturbing people’s sleep, babies, pets, seniors, and those who suffer from PTSD.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Arson Hotline at 1-800-682-9229.

Bill Shields


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