WELLFLEET (CBS) – Wellfleet Beach lifeguards were making their morning sweep of the beach when they came across an unexpected item.

While lifeguards were cleaning the beach last week, they found a full spine of a marine animal.

Wellfleet lifeguards discovered a marine animal spine on the beach. (Image Credit: Wellfleet Lifeguards)

According to the lifeguards, after a little research online and a check with marine experts, the spine appears to have come from a great white shark.

“We’re sorry this guy had to perish, but happy that he (or she) left a little something behind as a message from the past about his (or her) visit to the #wellfleetbeaches,” lifeguards posted.

  1. TranslatetheBS says:

    the outer cape badly needs an annual seal harvest which will eliminate the shark problem, create a new marine industry and make the beaches safe again

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