BOSTON CBS) – Police have figured out the identities of four girls whose old photos were found in a Florida cold case murder file.

The pictures were found in the case file of Colleen Orsburn, a teenager who was murdered in Orange County, Florida in 1984.

The photos were traced back to Miller Studio in Quincy, but on Wednesday police asked the public to help determine who the girls are. A day later, police now say the photos have been identified.

Police are trying to identify the four girls inthese photos, taken in Quincy sometime in the 1980s. (Image Credit: Quincy Police)

It turns out one of the girls happened to be vacationing in Florida at the time of the murder, and she lost her wallet during the trip. The wallet had the photos inside.

The wallet turned up near the crime scene.

Investigators are not sure if the killer dumped the wallet there — or if it was just a coincidence.

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    easy question has anyone heard from them or are they living, unsure why no follow up

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