By Mike LaCrosse

HANOVER (CBS) – Dave Haigh jumped out of bed Wednesday morning the second a tree came crashing down onto his Pembroke home.

“Very loud noise, and we knew what it was as soon as it happened. The whole house shook. It knocked stuff off the walls in the living room,” said Dave Haigh.

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The tree damaged the roof and cracked a cement wall. It happened around 7 o’clock Wednesday morning as the storm passed through the area.

A tree was uprooted during an early morning storm Wednesday. (WBZ-TV)

“Luckily it had just about stopped raining when it happened, so we really don’t have much water damage. It’s just the damage from the tree itself,” said Haigh.

Trees and large branches toppled utility poles all over eastern Massachusetts this morning and knocked out power for thousands.

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“When I came up, I went ‘Oh my god,’ and we saw the tree,” said Marie Dinneen.

A huge tree took down a utility pole spreading wires all over Marie Dinneen’s Hanover street.

“I saw smoke and then I saw fire. I heard the crackling, so we called 911, and I said, ‘We gotta get out of here,’” said Dinneen.

“We have a pretty good fire department in the town. They were really quick to respond,” said Chip Dinneen.

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There were no reports of any injuries from the storm.