BOSTON (CBS) — The Celtics season came to an end on Sunday night, but if there is any silver lining to the team’s loss to the Miami Heat, it’s that Gordon Hayward got to finally meet his newborn son.

And the Celtics forward had some fun with his new pal on Tuesday night, sharing a hysterically adorable photo of him and little Gordon Jr. — or GT as he is called.

Hayward shared a pic of GT (the T is for Theodore) resting on his chest, though the baby doesn’t look like a newborn thanks to Hayward’s photoshop skills.

Well played, Gordon. Bust out those Dad Jokes early so the kid knows what to expect.

While most wish the Celtics were gearing up for a Game 7 on Wednesday night, seeing Hayward enjoying some downtime with his boy should bring a smile to your face. Hayward opted to remain in the NBA bubble in Orlando when his son was born, so he’s clearly taking advantage of every minute he has with his Gordon Jr.



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