BOSTON (CBS) — An advisory is in place over water concerns in the Charles River. The Charles River Watershed Association said Wednesday that red flags are flying between the Mass Ave Bridge and the New Charles River Dam to warn of cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae.

Both people and pets should avoid contact with the algae.

“At this time, it is recommended that you avoid contact with the water. People should rinse off with fresh water immediately if they or their pet comes into contact with the water,” the advisory states. “If you believe you or your pet is experiencing adverse health effects, contact your doctor or veterinarian immediately. Blue-green algae is extremely toxic to pets.”

Red flags may also be going up at from the Newton Yacht Club to Harvard’s Weld Boathouse for possible E. coli bacteria in the water, the CRWA says, because of recent rainfall. Stormwater runoff can wash pollutants and bacteria into the river, harming water quality.

Read the full advisory here.


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