BOSTON (CBS) – Mayor Marty Walsh said Boston will not move forward to Step 2 in Phase 3 of the state’s coronavirus reopening plan. The city moved into the high risk on the state’s coronavirus map on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Gov. Charlie Baker announced that more businesses would be able to reopen such as trampoline parks. Fitting rooms are also allowed to reopen in retail stores.

But Walsh said on Wednesday the City of Boston will not move forward into the next step at this time. Walsh made the announcement in anticipation of the new data being released Wednesday night.

“The reason why we’re doing this is because we’re seeing our numbers go up here in the city of Boston,” said Walsh. “We want to make sure that we stop that increase before it comes to a point where we’re having the entire city shut down again.”

Walsh said movie theaters in Boston will be allowed to increase capacity to 50%, and food courts can reopen.

“The reason why we’re taking this cautious approach to reopening is our attention to data, and our commitment to keeping the people of Boston safe,” said Walsh. “Anyone who’s upset with me and us in Boston for not doing this, think about some of the decisions you might be making – going to a party. Think about some of the decisions you might be making socializing.”

Walsh specifically expressed frustration with college students in Boston who are not following guidelines.

“You want to be treated as adults, well then act like it. There’s no reason to have parties in neighborhoods where there’s people living on the left side or the right side of you that are elderly and concerned about what’s happening,” Walsh said. “You wanted it to live in Boston, because it’s the best city in the world. You wanted to go to school here because your college is one of the greatest in the country. Then we’re asking you to be responsible.”