WATERTOWN (CBS) – Laura Fierimonte just couldn’t contain her love for President Donald Trump, waving large flags of support loudly and proudly from her Watertown home.

“This is a very liberal state as you know. I was leery at first. I said ‘no, the hell with it! I love him and let’s go!’” she said.

Then last month, new neighbors moved in downstairs on California Street. The flags attract a lot of attention – good and bad – so the new tenants felt compelled to respectfully distance themselves from the display overhead.

Home on California Street in Watertown (WBZ-TV)

“My politics are for the most part to myself but didn’t want to be thought the other way – I don’t support what’s above,” neighbor Paul Haberlin said.

While it might appear a hostile home – a not so peaceful place to return to, things are actually quite amicable.

“She’s very friendly, super helpful. She put in a lot of the plants and stuff. She’s done a lot around here. I’m happy to have her as a neighbor and she’s entitled to her own political opinions,” Haberlin added.

Their calm coexistence an example for everyone as Election Day nears.

“It’s OK. It’s all good. As long as everyone gets along and we don’t do anything to tick each other off. It’s good. It’s the way it’s supposed to be,” Fierimonte said.

Juli McDonald


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