BOSTON (CBS) – One group in Maine says a large number of millennials are moving to the state.

The group Live and Work Maine, which promotes career opportunities in the state, says young people are moving there in droves from cities like Boston and New York.

The organization says the ability to work remotely has only accelerated the trend.

“It’s 24 to 35. So that young professional spectrum, so they’ve either have started a family or are in the early parts of starting a family and or they are just focused on their career,” said Nate Wildes, the executive director of Live and Work in Maine. “What we are seeing is that the pandemic has accelerated that trend. What may have taken 5, 10, 15 years to become a reality, COVID made it a reality pretty much overnight.”

The pandemic has had a big impact on the real estate market as well with more people from out of state buying homes in Maine.

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    That’s great. Can’t go to Maine anymore.

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