By Louisa Moller

BOSTON (CBS) – Fewer ghouls and goblins will pack the streets of Salem, Massachusetts this Halloween. The city has cancelled or scaled back many of its traditional events.

Cities and towns are already discussing Halloween festivities and in many places, the holiday will look different.

In Salem, New Hampshire, the town will host drive-thru trick-or-treating on October 27, as well as an online costume contest.

Stoughton’s town manager, Robin Grimm, said she has no plans to cancel Halloween. “Unless we were ordered to by a higher authority in the Commonwealth, it’s not something I would want to do. I think it’s really important right now for us to have really positive activities, provided we do them safely,” Grimm said.

Doctor Jeannie Kenkare, the Chief Medical Officer for PhysicianOne Urgent Care says traditional trick or treating is definitely risky.

“Traditional trick or treating involves people going door to door, sticking their hands in a communal bowl, getting within 6 feet of other people, and have exposures to people they wouldn’t otherwise have exposures to,” Kenkare said.

With some creativity, Kenkare says a little bit of the Halloween spirit can live on.

“To make it even safer, I’d say quarantine the bag of candy for a few days. Three days, I’d say that’s enough to allow the virus to die off,” Kenkare said.

Louisa Moller

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    Every day is Halloween—-those wearing a mask are a mental hospital patient.

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