By Dr. Mallika Marshall

BOSTON (CBS) – A new study has found a nasal spray could help in the battle against the coronavirus.

Ena Respirator, a biotech company in Australia, is developing a nasal spray to boost the immune system to fight the common cold and flu.

In a study on ferrets, they report it lowered levels of the coronavirus by 96-percent.

The spray could be self-administered once or twice a week and could be used to compliment a coronavirus vaccine.

Researchers hope to test the nasal spray on humans in the next few months.

Dr. Mallika Marshall

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  1. Melissa Renquist says:

    All you have to do is dip your finger in Isopropyl Alcohol, put your finger in your nose, and snort it in. Works. Ditto with cotton swabbing it in your ear gently. Naturally, the fraud, Mallika Marshall will ‘advise against that’ to prolong the hoax, steal your insurance money, and require a second opinion because she’s been a dope for her entire tenure on WBZ. Only Bob Lobel and Joyce Kilhawick lasted longer as frauds, but eventually got kicked out.

  2. Melissa Renquist says:

    Read it above, children.

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