By Kate Merrill

CONCORD (CBS) – Concord, Massachusetts is a place where writers go to be inspired. The town is filled with a long history of literary greats and now there is a way to connect with the past in a very unique and personal way.

Concord was the first inland settlement in Massachusetts back on September 12, 1635. It’s where the first battle of the American Revolutionary War took place on April 19, 1775 with that famous “shot heard round the world.”

Fast forward 237 years later and Concord was the first community in the country to ban single-serving plastic water bottles in 2012.

And when you approach a simple white colonial house on Virginia Road in town, you get more history from one of the most famous Concord residents.

Thoreau Farm in Concord, Massachusetts. (WBZ-TV)

“You get the inspiration from the bones of the house, the smell. You can smell the old floor, this is the original floor to the house,” Margaret Carroll-Bergman of Thoreau Farm told WBZ-TV.

This is the family home of Henry David Thoreau. His entire family – his parents, his older brother and sister and Henry – all lived in one small room in the house.

“Many feel his presence and feel the presence of the Thoreau family. They feel inspired just being here on the property looking out, it’s very pastoral.”

The Thoreau Farm hosts tours and author talks, but for writers, the hope is they can take you back in time to inspire your talents.

One room has been made into a writers retreat and is available for people to come and rent out and write. A replica desk there is a place to write, reflect and create, all in the name of Thoreau.

The writer’s desk at Thoreau Farm in Concord. (WBZ-TV)

Michael Frederick, the executive director of the Thoreau society, knows the power of Concord’s most famous author.

“Many readers have this very intimate, personal connection with Thoreau and I’ve seen it over the years,” he told WBZ.

Going back in time in the hopes of creating the great authors of the future.

“It gives people that feeling of peace where they can be creative and hear their writer’s voice,” said Carroll-Bergman.

During the pandemic, the Thoreau Farm has found huge success transitioning to Zoom talks and online content reaching hundreds around the world.

They hope to start the room rentals soon. For more information, visit their website.

Kate Merrill