ANDOVER (CBS) – Less than a week after a coronavirus outbreak at a residence hall, Merrimack College announced on Sunday that it will temporarily move to remote learning from September 28 to October 2.

After identifying a positive case at Monican Hall from the week prior, the school quarantined the entire residence hall on Tuesday following five new positive tests. Later on Tuesday, 11 more residents tested positive.

In a statement released on Sunday, Merrimack College President Christopher E. Hopey said there are 12 new positive cases that “do not appear” to be connected with the Monican Hall outbreak.

“We must acknowledge that we need to reestablish our sense of safety while maintaining our vigilance,” Hopey wrote in his statement detailing the school’s brief move to remote learning. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our students, faculty or staff, but this is something the College needs to do to continue to keep our entire community safe and confident.”

The school states that the new cases – composed of eight residential students, one employee and three commuter students – are all currently isolated, and their exposed contacts are in quarantine.

Hopey said he expects in-person classes to resume on Monday, October 5.