BOSTON (CBS) — The Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported 515 new confirmed coronavirus cases and 18 new deaths in the state on Saturday.

The agency said the total number of confirmed cases in Massachusetts is now 127,832 while the total number of deaths is 9,178.

The 7-day weighted average of positive tests in Massachusetts remained at 0.9% .

As of Saturday, there are 354 people currently hospitalized for a coronavirus-related illness, a decrease of 35 from Friday. There are 77 patients in intensive care.

There were 14,310 new tests reported Saturday. A total of 2,174,560 people in Massachusetts have now been tested for coronavirus.

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  1. Bruce Penal says:

    More lies. These are just common cold IDs. Not one of them is Sars.Cov.2 Oh yeah, on the highway, they have signs saying :Felling Ill, Get Tested. – Visit the government’s website”. Sorry, if I am feeling ill, the last thing I would ever do is get tested by the government. Feeling Ill? Stay home, get rest, have chicken soup, change the towels, sheets, and pajamas, watch a movie, get better. But in Massachusetts, get tested, get screwed!

  2. Bruce Penal says:

    Do not get tested by the Massachusetts DOH and through Charlie Parker (or Maaahty Walsh, the drunk, bee-hive face) They are only out to screw you and get paid the money you would otherwise receive.

  3. William Brendan says:

    Bruce Penal (or whatever his name really is) is a moron.

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