CAMBRIDGE (CBS) — Anyone 2 years old and older must wear a face mask at all times when out in Cambridge starting Friday, Oct. 2, the city announced. The order requires that face coverings be worn “in all public places, businesses and common areas of residential buildings.”

“Public places include sidewalks, streets, parks, plazas, bus stops, non-residential parking lots and garages, and any other outdoor area or non-residential parking facility which is open and accessible to the general public,” the order states.

Cambridge had been allowing people to remove face masks if they were outside and could maintain six feet of distance from others. Massachusetts requires face masks in all public spaces where social distancing is not possible.

“With people spending more time indoors, there is an increased risk of spreading COVID-19,” Cambridge City Manager Louis A. DePasquale said in a statement. “By tightening and clarifying our face-covering requirements now, we hope to continue minimizing COVID-19 risk in Cambridge.”

Cambridge has seen a “slight uptick” in coronavirus infections in September as some students returned to area colleges, Chief Public Health Officer Claude A. Jacob said in a statement.

“We urge residents to remain vigilant about mask-wearing and to avoid spending time in poorly ventilated indoor spaces or at crowded gatherings where physical distancing is difficult,” he said.

The order will also require office employees to wear masks at all times unless they are alone or in an individual office with the door closed.

The city said it will “emphasize education over fines,” but violators could be issued a warning or a $300 fine.


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  1. CambridgeGuy says:

    Wait a second…“With people spending more time indoors, there is an increased risk of spreading COVID-19,” … so to combat the spread of COVID INdoors they’re forcing us to wear masks at all times when we’re OUTdoors? Even if the closest person is 20 feet away? I need to hear a stronger argument for this. This doesn’t make any sense to me and will drastically reduce the amount of time that I spend outdoors, which is probably the opposite of what they want to happen…

    1. ununpentius says:

      They are literally making all of this up as they go. We all need to protest this in huge numbers like they are doing now in the UK.

  2. ununpentius says:

    This whole thing is a damn politacal hoax from the beginning!!! You people need to wake up and realize this is just another attempt by the government and state to take away more of your freedoms and liberties to usher in a communist state! What the hell is wrong with you all??? The CDC had to admit a month ago that only 10k people died “FROM” covid-19 and the rest died “WITH” it. And 99% of those people were over the age of 80 with 2+ co-morbidity. The recovery rate of the virus is 97.5% This is all public data from the CDC and WHO. Data that our RINO governor doesnt care to tell you about. Go look it up yourself! You people are damn sheep! Youd better wake up now or all of your freedoms will be gone!!

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