By Juli McDonald

BOSTON (CBS) – Most students are at least a few days in to hybrid or fully remote learning.

“It’s been expensive! I’ve never spent so much money on back to school as I did with remote learning. Making sure they have proper chairs, stuff to keep organized,” said Norwood parent Berit Sørensen.

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The consensus is: it’s a bit of a headache; financially, logistically, and also physically.

“Everybody is complaining – adults, teachers, parents. It’s very tough and the kids are really feeling the brunt of it,” said Canton optometrist Dr. Alice Cusner.

These sudden extra hours at the screen are causing pain long after class is dismissed.

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“We always had very strict rules about being on screen time in our house. Obviously that had to go out the door once Covid hit because let’s face it, Xbox and chatting and messaging is the only way they communicate with their friends right now. They have missed so much since March,” Sørensen said.

Dr. Cusner encourages families who have smart TVs to download school programs there instead.

“That would be 5-10 feet away, much healthier for your kids eyes rather than sitting looking at a screen 10, 12, 15 inches from the eyes,” Cusner explained.

She adds blue light glasses are designed more to block light before bedtime. The best treatment, you may have guessed, is time away from computers, phones, TV and video games.

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“Even in winter, two hours a day – you’ve got to get those kids in bright sunlight,” Cusner said. “It is really protective of their eyes and helps prevent nearsightedness.”

Juli McDonald