BOSTON (CBS) — Young Celtics star Jaylen Brown has been a leader in the locker and outside of it this year as an outspoken advocate for Black lives and racial justice in America.

Despite his involvement and activism, the 23-year-old had low expectations for the grand jury decision in Kentucky, regarding the death of Breonna Taylor at the hands of police.

“I mean, it’s tough. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised by the verdict,” Brown said Wednesday night after the Celtics’ loss to the Heat. “It’s tough. It’s tough. It’s hard to gather the words, but I wasn’t surprised. I think that this society, the way it was built, and the way … intentions was to never protect and serve people of color initially. So when they were gearing up for what was about to happen, I knew that the wrong decision was probably being made. But it doesn’t surprise me. It doesn’t surprise me at all.”

The grand jury in Kentucky decided to file charges against just one of the three involved officers. The charge was for “wanton endangerment,” and that charge did not apply to Taylor, who was shot and killed by police.

“To have 15 rounds of gun fire fired, five of which hit her, and there to be wanton endangerment — which I didn’t know existed before today — as the charge. Yeah, I mean, it’s tough,” Celtics head coach Brad Stevens said prior to Game 4.

Fellow young Celtics star Jayson Tatum shared emotions in line with Brown’s after the game.

“It’s frustrating,” Tatum said. “I kind of felt like we knew what was going to happen, then still when it happens, it’s sad. It’s frustrating. It’s been 194 days. There’s still no justice. Still having to fight for the same thing. It’s just a lot to process. It was a tough day, a tough day for all of us.”

Kemba Walker, the Celtics’ veteran star, said that he continues to feel for Taylor’s family.

“I can’t wrap my head around it, to be honest,” Walker said. “I’m kind of at a loss for words to be honest with you. It’s a really sad situation. I just really feel bad for her and her family. They definitely deserve more. They deserve justice; it didn’t happen. But we as a people, we have to stand strong with them, support them as best as we can. I wish the best for that family.”

Brown said it was difficult to get “emotionally ready” for the Celtics’ critical Game 4 vs. Miami just hours after the decision was announced, as he expressed dismay that similar situations will surely continue to play out across America until the system is changed.

“Until we dismantle, recreate or change this system that we have, it’s going to continue to have victims — like Breonna Taylor and others — that fall victim to oppression,” Brown said.

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  1. JimStark says:

    Jaylen Brown, another clueless tool heard from. The NBA cannot fail faste enough.

  2. AprilJOliphant says:

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  3. Mr Brown how do you think your comments are helping the issue? Do you think you could use your celebrity to support the system. Work to change what is broken from inside? How do you think Black Athletes making millions of dollars are perceived? How do you think your comments register in the minds of the disenfranchised low income urban Black Men? Do you not think comments like you have made and other athletes just fan the flames of unrest? What have you done to help? Have you set up dialogue sessions where people can ask honest questions without fear of retribution? You will never see this but just my thoughts after reading your comments.

  4. Kris C says:

    Thou Shalt Not Kill… No Justice served in the case of Breonna Taylor and so many others. She did not deserve to die and no, its not gonna be ok… For anyone who thinks its ok for someone to lose their life unjustly, I dont even have to say it, you’re already on your way to meet your maker. Thank you to all the Celtics player and everyone else who can stand firm in the universal truth that separates right from wrong. I cant imagine what its like to have people expect you to perform for them despite the strong feelings and emotions you are so rightly allowed to have and experience. I guess some people will always miss the point and will never be capapble of seeing things from another perspective…

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