BOSTON (CBS) – A rally took place Wednesday night at Franklin Park to remember the life of Breonna Taylor and continue the call to stop racial injustice. The protesters said systemic racism exists and needs to end.

Monica Cannon-Grant founded the group Violence In Boston which calls attention to violence in communities of color. She organized the gathering after learning that the officers involved in Taylor’s death in Louisville, Kentucky were not charged in her killing.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced the results of the grand jury proceedings Wednesday following months of rallies.

“I feel like this attorney general had the chance to do something different and he didn’t which was hold the police accountable for committing murder,” Cannon-Grant said. “And again every time they walk off on murder it gives them freedom to do it again.”

One officer was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment and two other officers who opened fire were not indicted.

Cannon-Grant also called out protesters and politicians who she says use Breonna Taylor as a hashtag and don’t do enough to create meaningful change after months of protests.

“It’s a slap in the face. We’re going to keep protesting, but I want people to understand: the United States, Massachusetts and every other state should be lucky that Black folks are only asking for equality and equity. Because if we were asking for revenge, this fight would look totally different,” she said.

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  1. Dan Moriboshi says:

    Did these protesters go to the zoo after their BS? There are plenty of cages that they can do into.

  2. Dan Moriboshi says:

    “Violence In Boston which calls attention to violence in communities of color”. What is the definition of “color” to this racist pig Monica Cannon-Grant that WBZ is giving all this exposure to, rather than struggling rock musicians? Is “color” any human other than white? Well WHITE LIVES MATTER and the less anarchist racist blacks the better for all. Start with Monica and throw her in with the Hippos at the Franklin Park Zoo.

  3. she was a criminal who had a corpse in her truck… nothing of value was lost when she died

  4. JimStark says:

    People should get the fact before they accuse and hold rallies. Do fools like Monica know that although the warrant was a no knock warrant, the police did knock and that Taylor’s boyfriend opened fire on the police before they broke into the apartment? Taylor put herself at risk by having these people in her life.

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