By Bill Shields

MELROSE (CBS) – If you are like the Paisner family of Melrose, things are getting a bit desperate at home. Mom and dad are working from home, and their two young children do much of their schoolwork from home. Now, if they can just find a desk.

“All of a sudden, we needed four desks and four chairs and space for us to be able to all stay focused and productive,” said Emily Paisner.

With so many people working from home, and kids doing their schoolwork remotely, many stores have run out of desks.

“They come and they go,” said Jay Frucci of the Furniture Consignment Gallery in Natick. “When they come in you just got to be here and grab it because they are going right out the door.”

He said families are getting creative when it comes to their home office needs. “People are doing big side tables, you can convert a farm table into a desk,” Frucci said.

The Paisner family’s predicament is playing out across the state.

“It’s been really hard trying to find space for everyone to be able to focus and not get distracted,” Emily Paisner said.

Bill Shields

  1. Carl in Boston says:

    These people must have other seating options besides bean bags and pilates balls. Chairs used for meals, perhaps? Or maybe they sit on the floor to eat?
    Shortage of desks and office-type chairs is interesting. People too dumb to use ordinary chairs is just filler material.

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