BOSTON (CBS) —  Six months after the pandemic stay-at-home orders began, there’s one thing that still hasn’t returned completely around Boston: The traffic.

Highway officials said at a MassDOT meeting Monday that across Massachusetts there’s about 20% fewer cars on the road compared to this time last year. Of course traffic varies from region to region, and in Boston volume is down as much as 48%.

There’s still congestion on some of the busiest roads, but Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver says drivers’ patterns are much different than they used to be in the city known for having some of the worst traffic in the country.

Traffic volume across the state in 2020 compared to 2019 (Image credit MassDOT)

“Even though our volumes have crept back up, there is no notable peak travel times in the morning and afternoon,” he said. “There is not a huge rush hour, so to speak, like there used to be.”

Lighter traffic has allowed for more construction projects like repaving and bridge work, he added.

MassDOT also said Monday that drivers should expect to see a change to mileage-based exit signs starting next month.



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