BOSTON (CBS) — Prayers and tributes to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg were heard on Copley Square Sunday. The evening vigil was organized by the Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group that raises awareness and moment for LGBT-related causes.

The colorfully dressed activist and service group felt the need to bring people together.

“It’s easier sometimes to process pain and sorrow if you’re doing it with others. So we want to have a community so the people here don’t feel like they’re isolated and they’re alone in their grief,” said organizer Sandra Music.

Many attendees felt a deep sense of loss.

“A fierce advocate in this nation for justice. Especially for the role and plight of women and for the LGBTQ community, so there is pain on many levels tonight,” said Rev. Donald Wells.

Even as Ginsburg was honored, there was an urgent message about the immediate political future.

“If you have not registered to vote, the time is now. Regardless of what type of politics you fall on, we need to vote like our lives depend on it, because frankly my dear, they do,” said organizer Lida Christ.

In addition to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the organizers said they also wanted to remember all of those who have perished in the COVID-19 pandemic.


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