By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – Through speeches, prayer and personal testimonies, a small rally was held on the Boston Common on Saturday to voice support for Universal Basic Income.

“Every single American citizen would receive a minimum income per month, so anywhere from $500 or $2000, depending on who you ask. And essentially, the point is that everyone should be guaranteed an economic floor,” said Melissa Lin of the State Lead Humanities First Collective about Universal Basic Income.

The purpose of the event to educate and build community when it comes to basic income.

“Having a stable income, having one that you are not worried about, provides some physiological security in a way that we highly underwrite,” Organizer Lewis Black said.

Organizers say this weekend there are more than 45 Universal Basic Income marches taking place around the world. Supporters say that in the midst of a pandemic, basic universal income for all could not have come at a more critical time.

“I think it made people more aware of how fragile their own personal circumstances are,” Black said.

Lin added that she thinks “the pandemic has really demonstrated that the way that our society and the way our government works isn’t working for us, and so we need to really start to put forward the fact that universal basic income could be one of the key ways for us to start fixing the problems we’ve been experiencing.”

Paul Burton


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