BOSTON (CBS) — Second-year receiver N’Keal Harry is not the world’s most talkative person — at least not when the eager eyes of the media are fixed squarely on him.

It was no surprise, then, that when Harry was asked Friday about his fumble in Sunday’s win over the Dolphins, his answer was succinct and to the point.

“Just better ball security, especially down there on the goal line. So it’s a lesson learned,” Harry said via video conference with reporters. “I’m glad I learned it early in the season, and [I’ll] try to make sure it doesn’t happen again moving forward.”

Quarterback Cam Newton made it a point this week during his own video conference session with reporters to stand up for Harry and explain that the receiver had a productive day that wasn’t wiped out by the fumble. On Friday, Harry said he appreciated his quarterback — and the rest of his team — having his back like that.

“Yeah, it was a good gesture,” Harry said. “As soon as it happened, all of the offense really came up to me and they just told me it was one play, just to keep my head up and to keep playing.”

Harry finished the game with five receptions for 39 yards, both of which were career-highs for the receiver playing in his eighth career game. It was a positive step, but his performance included the goal-line fumble as well as a play where Harry got stopped dead in his tracks by a much-smaller defensive back.

Harry was asked about that play, too.

“Yeah, I just didn’t expect the hit,” Harry explained. “I didn’t lower my shoulders in time, so moving forward just make sure I keep my pads lower.”

Based on everything Newton said on Wednesday, it feels safe to assume that the quarterback won’t hesitate to look Harry’s way on Sunday night, as the Patriots try to improve to 2-0 with a road win in Seattle.

“I’m just excited for every game this year,” Harry said. “I’m excited to get out there and compete next to my teammates and hopefully come out of Seattle with a win.”

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