LYNNFIELD (CBS) – A boy from Lynnfield is looking a lot like Iron Man with the new bionic arm he received from Shriners Hospital for Children in Springfield.

With the help of Shriners Hospital and the UK-based bionics company Open Bionics, an eight-year-old named Sam was given a custom-built, 3D printed arm, customized with covers of Marvel Comics superhero Iron Man.

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Sam (middle) holding a Spiderman toy with his new Iron Man-themed bionic arm. (Shriners Hospital)

Sam lost his right arm and both legs to a bacterial infection. He has been a patient at Shriners Hospital for Children since 2018.

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Sam’s mom, Michelle, says the so-called “hero arm” has made a world of difference, giving him dexterity, helping him participate in sports, cook, and play with his friends and siblings.

“He loves school and life and sports, and he wants to do all those things to the best of his ability. And having a hand that is functioning more as a traditional hand that you or I might have improves his quality of life significantly,” said Michelle.

Sam swinging a bat with his bionic arm. (Shriners Hospital)

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Hospital officials say the bionic arm is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for an active child.