ARLINGTON (CBS) — A hawk is recovering after she got stuck in the grille of a car last week. An Arlington Animal Control officer responded to help after a driver hit the bird down the Cape and drove down the highway for an hour.

“The driver had told me on the phone that he used a shovel to try to get the hawk out. I couldn’t believe it. When I arrived I thought for sure the hawk (an adult Red Tailed Hawk) was dead,” read the Facebook post.

“As I tried to see how best to free it I thought I saw the tiniest movement in its wing.”

Arlington Animal Control rescued this hawk from a car last week (Photo Via Arlington, Massachusetts Animal Control Facebook)

The officer was able to gently remove the bird without taking apart the car. To their surprise, as they carried the bird away, she opened her eyes and mouth at the same time.

After a dose of medicine to reduce pain and brain swelling, the hawk was rushed to Tufts Wildlife Hospital in North Grafton.

The hawk recovering well. As of Monday, she could stand, eat on her own, cast pellets, and will be released for the hospital soon.


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