SOUTH BOSTON (CBS) – A rededication ceremony was held Sunday at the South Boston Vietnam Memorial, 39 years after it was first unveiled.

The memorial in Medal of Honor Park on M Street honors 25 men from South Boston who gave their lives in the war.

It was dedicated on Sept. 13, 1981, and a rededication ceremony is held every September.

The 25 men honored on the South Boston Vietnam Memorial are:

Joseph J. Agri, LCpl USMC

Charles A. Bazzinotti, 1stLt USA

Richard J. Borovick, SP4 USA

John C. Calhoun, LCpl USMC

John H. Cole, PFC USMC

Paul M. Daley, SP6 USA

Ronald L. Delverde, PFC USMC

Joseph F. Desmond, PFC USMC

Joseph W. Dunn, PFC USMC

Devon M. Enman, Sgt USA

Gene D. Grover, SSgt USMC

Frank C. Hubicsak, PFC USA

Douglas J. Itri, SP5 USA

John P. Jacobs, Cpl USMC

John G. Joyce, Cpl USA

Edward W. Milan, Sgt USAF

James O’Toole, PFC USA

Burton Peterson, LCpl USMC

Paul H. Sheehan, 1stSgt USMC

James J. Stewart, PFC USMC

Edward Stone, PFC USMC

Edward M. Sullivan, PFC USMC

Joseph Thomas, E. PFC USMC

Donald J. Turner, LCpl USMC

James K. Wheeler, SP6 USA.


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