By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – Speaking from her Boston College dorm room in quarantine, junior Morgan Finnegan says she frustrated over the school’s communication to students when it comes to coronavirus cases on campus. “We feel we’ve done our part and there’s only so much we can do at some point it needs to be turned over to the administration,” Finnegan said.

She and her roommates have been in quarantine after one of them, Alexa Rivas, tested positive with the virus. “No one in this room was positive. I know who I got it from and pretty much they all had mild symptoms,” Rivas said.

Alexa self-isolated for 10 days and has fully recovered but now her roommates are still in the middle of their 14-day quarantine.

“Our biggest thing is that we did not get contacted by health services seven hours after Alexa tested positive. And so it could have gotten so much further throughout the campus. The communication is just off,” Finnegan said.

Elyse Shepherd says it has been very confusing navigating through all of this. “Morgan my direct roommate is getting different instructions than I am and we were exposed to the same person. We live in same room and share the same bathroom, and when she gets to leave I don’t,” Shepherd said.

Morgan and her roommates created a petition that has been signed by more than 300 students asking the school to do a better job when it comes to protocols and communication when coronavirus situations on campus.

Boston College spokesperson Jack Dunn said since the school began testing in mid-August, they’ve had 102 students test positive. Twenty-two have fully recovered.

Last week there was a spike in cases. On Monday, they were reaching out to all students, faculty and staff again about the specific protocols in place.

“We love our students but the cases we had on campus have been attributable to off campus gatherings where face masks were not worn and social distancing was not practiced our message is that we have to abide by those rules for their sake and all others,” Dunn said.

This week BC said they plan to test 4000 students.

Paul Burton

  1. EarthVessel says:

    So you say102 students tested positive and 22 have “fully recovered”. How many of the 102 students that were positive actually got sick? Or does that mean that all 102 were sick? If that’s not the case, how many had symptoms? Or do you mean that 22 “recovered” students are no longer testing positive? If they no longer test positive, does that mean they have the antibodies?

    It is completely bizarre to me that when it comes to COVID its seeming to me the entire media has lost it – forgotten completely the basics! This is Journalism 101? Every story I read leaves me with no clear answer and more questions.

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