NEWPORT, NH (CBS) – The family of a New Hampshire man and his grandson, who have been missing since Monday, is desperate for answers. Jerry Proper, 69, and his 22-year-old grandson Cody Pillsbury left on a motorocycle ride together three days ago, and have not be heard from since.

“They were expected back around supper time,” Newport Police Chief Brent Wilmot said. “As the evening wore on the family got more and more unsettled by the fact that they were overdue.”

Police have searched on the ground and by air. They have tried tracking cell phones and social media account, and have checked local hospitals.

“We’re trying desperately to find a way to narrow that search down,” Wilmot said.

“This isn’t like my dad to be gone this long, or my nephew,” said Angela Proper. “I mean, my Dad is like Mr. Responsible. He shows up for work several hours early. You can count on him for anything and everything. So we are really worried.”

Newport, New Hampshire, police are searching for Cody Pillsbury, left, and Jerry Proper who did not return after a motorcycle ride on Monday. (Photo credit: Newport, New Hampshire, Police Department)

His family says Jerry is an avid motorcycle rider and knows his way around the region well. They fear the two may have crashed off the road and are not able to call for help

“It’s taking a serious toll on us,” Jerry’s grandson Jess Ford shared. “No matter what, the rock of our family is our grandfather. He always has been there for our family, no matter what, to help us. Now it’s time for us to be there for him and find him.”


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