By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — When it comes to mannerisms, speech patterns, dialects, and other ways of speaking, it’s not at all uncommon for someone to speak similarly to his or her parents. How else could our beautiful, lovable Boston accents persist if not for such a phenomenon.

Yet when we’re talking about the manner of speaking from a legendary football coach who speaks to the media multiple times every week for decade after decade, it’s nevertheless difficult to ignore when his son becomes a coach and sounds just like his father.

That’s been the case for Steve Belichick, who’s entering his ninth season as a Patriots coach. He is by no means new to the Foxboro scene, having essentially grown up in and around the building before becoming a coaching assistant nine years ago. Yet seemingly whenever he speaks to the media, he gets reminded of how well his voice matches with his father’s.

The similarities gained a lot of attention last year, when Steve was peppered with a series of questions by our own investigative reporter, Dan Roche.

That happened again on Tuesday morning. This time, Steve was prepared. Here’s how the exchange via video conference went.

Reporter: It’s not a weighty question. I’m just curious, growing up, how often or if you’ve been told you sound so much like your father?

Steve Belichick: Uh yeah. I hear that every time I come to interview with you guys.

Reporter: What about in the family and stuff?

Steve Belichick: Uh no. We’re all our own people. So, yeah. We just live our lives being who we are. It’s just you guys I get to hear that from.

Reporter: It’s not so much what you say, which is fine. The actual … just, like you could be a voice double I guess is what I meant. I get you’re your own guy, but if you picked up a phone, I’m not sure I could tell the difference sometimes.

Steve Belichick: Uh yeah I guess that’s your problem, not mine. I know my dad’s voice, and I don’t talk to myself. So, yeah, that’s … . Yeah.

Steve is a thousand percent right in that he is his own man. And frankly, a quick retort like “I guess that’s your problem, not mine” is something that even Bill would have to marvel at.

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