SOMERVILLE (CBS) — Many gym-goers in Somerville were up early Tuesday to enjoy the first day of Phase 3 Part 1 in the city. Somerville has delayed the reopening phase for seven weeks beyond the state’s timeline.

Businesses that can open in Phase 3 include gyms, TV and movie production, martial arts and dance facilities, and instructional classes such as art and music.

“I’m a morning warrior and my team is back and it’s good to be back,” said RX Strength Training member Nicholas Scheider.

Gym owner Jeff Butterworth said, “To be able to open and get our members in here with lessened restrictions and the ability to offer classes again as long as we are being safe is really, really exciting.”

He lost 70% of his business during the shutdown.

Reopening Somerville businesses need to submit a health and safety plan and capacity guidelines must be enforced, meaning no more than 10 people, including staff, in some businesses. Face coverings are required.

Gyms and exercise facilities need to require all patrons to register for sessions or classes in advance.

At RX Strength Training, there were air purifiers running and social distancing markings in place. Masks will be a permanent workout accessory until there is a vaccine.

“Masked up and back at it,” said Butterworth. “The last thing we want to do is spread the virus more go into another shutdown but more importantly get people sick and possibly lose lives.”

“Hand sanitizer everywhere. They take your temperature. You feel pretty safe. Everyone stays in your box. It’s just nice to workout. We do have to wear a mask which kind of stinks but it’s better than not working out,” said Scheider.

The city told businesses to expect inspections and all complaints about guideline violations will be investigated.