By Juli McDonald

PLYMOUTH (CBS) – A powerful message and a unique show of unity from Plymouth high schoolers as they prepare for this unusual school year.

“People need this sense of hope during this time, that things are going to get better and they shouldn’t give up,” said senior Mariah Hovey, who plays the French horn and cello.

More than 75 singers and musicians made the socially-distant performance possible. Their moving rendition of “I Won’t Give Up” has been viewed on the Plymouth Public Schools Facebook page more than 160,000 times.

“It was definitely interesting though being alone at home doing this,” said junior vocalist and violinist Sonia Abdul-Farrah.

“You’re supposed to wear headphones with it. It would play the background in one ear and then your part really loudly in the other ear. It was pretty easy once you got the hang of it,” Hovey recalled.

The finished product? A beautiful blend of Plymouth talent… drawing rave reviews from their whole community.

“One member of the school committee was like, ‘I was bawling my eyes out after!’ People loved it,” Hovey said.

Even forced apart, great things can be accomplished together.

“Music is just a way to connect everyone too. I love that part of it. I have really strong hope that it’s going to go good this year,” Abdel-Fattah added.

Juli McDonald


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