By Cheryl Fiandaca

LINCOLN (CBS) – Police are investigating a suspicious person in Lincoln. A homeowner said she was terrified after seeing the man wearing a full skull face mask, a hooded zipped up jacket and gloves standing at the family’s front door.

The homeowner said, “I obviously don’t know this man, it was 85 degrees. He banged on the door and rang the bell, dog barked. That deterrent I think kept him out of the house.”

The home’s Ring camera captured the man’s photo Saturday afternoon – the homeowner too afraid to be on camera said no one was in the house when he came up the driveway which is secluded from South Great Road. The man didn’t leave anything behind.

Lincoln Police are investigating a suspicious person (Image credit Lincoln PD)

“It’s odd someone would come up to the house no one ever comes to the house other than delivery men and he didn’t have any packages to be delivered,” the homeowner said.

Police say the incident is considered suspicious and want to identify the man involved. The resident told WBZ she wants to warn others to be on the lookout. “I think people should just be aware from now on when the doorbell rings I’m going to be checking my camera to see who’s at the door before I open it which I never would have done before this,” she said.

The man may have been driving a motorcycle or a dirt bike. Anyone with any information – is asked to call Lincoln Police

Cheryl Fiandaca


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