BOSTON (CBS) –There were 12 shootings in Boston over three days, Police Commissioner William Gross said Tuesday. “It was a long Labor Day weekend,” he said.

According to Gross, “the people that we’re seeing committing the crimes are part of the same group.”

“We need the courts to be open, because these individuals causing violence in our neighborhoods, should be locked up,” the Commissioner said. “It’s the same individuals. There has to be some accountability. ”

Mayor Marty Walsh agreed. “It really is important that we address some of the folks that are doing the shooting in the city of Boston, that we get a process moving, working with the commissioner, working with the district attorney, working with the courts.”

He noted the uptick in shootings and homicides in the city.

“We send a very strong message that if you do something bad in the city that you will be brought to court and prosecuted by the appropriate authority,” Walsh said.

Gross also took the time to thank community members for calling 911. “You definitely helped us make some gun arrests and you definitely helped us to facilitate investigations.”

  1. JimStark says:

    “There were 12 shootings in Boston over three days”
    The dopes chanting BLM and holding rallies should pay attention to reality instead of believing the leftist political dogma and trying to show everyone how “enlightened” they are.

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