By Jim Smith

REVERE (CBS) – The Labor Day weekend is finally here. And Revere is one of the COVID-19 hot spots that Governor Baker and others are worried about.

A picture-perfect sunset at Revere Beach on Saturday was almost enough to make you forget about the pandemic. But the signs are everywhere. Warnings are posted to take precautions. Many visitors are complying, and the low tide at dusk made social distancing easier.

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Revere is one of the COVID-19 hot spots that Governor Baker and others are worried about. (WBZ-TV)

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Beach visitors, like Kevin McCann of Walpole, said we all need to continue to be safe. “I think everybody was prepared for the weekend in terms of trying to do the best social distancing. But it’s still a challenge. The weather is perfect. … But we need to stay vigilant and try to do exactly what we’re being asked to do.”

Earlier in the day, Revere Beach was much more crowded, but not packed. Traffic message boards were at the rotary driving home safety advisories. One man who’s been coming here for years said masks and common sense must prevail. “They should be staying apart, but it’s very hard to do when you have a group of people. … Now, I don’t have my mask on right here because I’m right here by myself. I do have my mask in my pocket, so if I take a walk, I’ll put it on.”

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Summer is fading now during a year unlike any other. Despite everything, a visitor from New Jersey was still able to enjoy the day. “I really feel safe here, and I feel like people really have the culture to wear the mask whenever they’re standing within the 6 feet. In general, I feel really good and safe here.”