BOSTON (CBS) — Cam Newton has posted about 10 million workout videos in the past year alone. His latest one, though, seems to mean a little bit more.

The quarterback — fresh off being named the starting quarterback and a team captain of the New England Patriots — dropped a new video on his YouTube page on Thursday night. Like many of his videos, this one shows the level of hard work Newton put in to building his body over the summer.

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It also features motivational speaker Inky Johnson providing some wisdom that surely applies to Newton’s situation.

“I need you to be more dedicated than you’ve ever been before. I need you to be more committed than you’ve ever been before. I need you to tap into a level of sacrifice that you’ve never tapped into before.”

With shots of Newton running or lifting and most definitely sweating, Johnson added, “Your mentality can become your strongest muscle or your worst enemy. Your mentality can become your passport or your prison.”

Toward the end, Newton shares a conversation he had with himself, in a way that only Cam Newton can.

“Hey,” Newton says to the camera while running laps. “Craziest thing about it is, I had a conversation with myself. It wasn’t no arguing. It wasn’t no back-and-forth. He said, boogie! I said, what’s up bruh? He said, do you believe in me? I said wowwww.”

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Perhaps the point of this video was to celebrate the result of all of the hard work Newton has put in since undergoing foot surgery last December. After the countless workout videos and photos posted on social media, receiving some type of concrete reward for that dedication likely feels pretty good for the 31-year-old.

Newton also sent a message to all of New England on his Instagram page on Thursday night. Here’s what the message said, translated from Newton’s hieroglyphic-esque font: “Dear New England, I will not and do not take this opportunity for granted!! I’m so grateful for this organization, my teammates, and this city, thank you!! No need to look back now … LFG!!”

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Now, the behind-the-scenes workout videos are over. Now, it’s time for the real fun to begin.