By Rachel Holt

BOSTON (CBS) – With colder temperatures around the corner, many restaurants are hoping to have their patios stay open for business as long as possible.

Michael Seznec, Senior VP of Operations at Harvest, shared, “It’s critical. People really, really like the patio of course these days, they want to sit outside.”

“We’re hoping to keep it open forever outside, frankly,” Seznec said. “Even in the middle of winter, people can be out here dining if they want to be.”

Patio at Harvest (WBZ-TV)

Harvest’s patio has been operating for 45 years and is equipped well for times like this, with a fireplace, partial roof, and heat lamps. This year, they are especially grateful to have the space.

Seznec added, “this is always a very popular spot. Now I’d say even on marginal weather days people really want to be outside.”

Over in the Seaport, this is Woods Hill Pier 4’s first patio season. Owner Kristin Canty notes, “its been completely imperative that we have this outdoor area. Not that many people want to sit inside, everybody calls and says they would prefer to be outside.”

Igloo at Woods Hill Pier 4 in Boston (WBZ-TV)

They decided to keep it going into the winter by adding 12 igloos, which, when finished, will accommodate up to 6 guests. Canty adds, “we just jumped at the idea because they are see-through so people can still take advantage of the views and be in a cozy setting with people that they trust and their families but not near other people at all.”

Even though she’s investing in glass dividers for the inside this winter, she’s expecting that people will want to bundle up and is even looking into having single-use blankets.

Canty adds, “We’re just really happy to be reinventing ourselves and think of creative ways for people to still enjoy eating out.”

Rachel Holt


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