By Bill Shields

MILLBURY (CBS) – On Monday night, at about 11:30, Jake Clarke and his dad were sitting on their Millbury porch, just talking. Then, they heard screaming coming from Dorothy Pond.

“First we thought maybe people were partying, maybe some domestic,” Jake Clarke said. “I heard them say we’re going to die.”

So Jake and his dad, Brian, fired up their pontoon boat, and headed into the darkness. “Sure enough we happen to head in the right direction. And there they were. Bobbing in the water,” said Brian.

“The light reflected just right and we saw their heads bobbing in the water,” said Jake.

In the middle of the pond, which is more like a lake, they found two teenage girls. Apparently, the girls were kayaking at night, without lights or life jackets. One of them must have flipped her kayak, and when grabbing hold of the other, flipped it too. Then, the kayaks drifted away. “They were treading water,” Brian said.

They got the girls on the boat, and brought them to shore. “The first girl we pulled up she was panicking, obviously it was a very rough situation, she was thanking us profusely,” Jake said. “And the second girl, we had to actually pull her up onto the boat.”

EMTs treated both girls for mild hypothermia.

Bill Shields

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