NEWTON (CBS/AP) – The crowded race to fill Joe Kennedy’s Massachusetts Congressional seat was still too close to call Wednesday morning. Jake Auchincloss leads Jesse Mermell by just 1,506 votes in the 4th Congressional District Democratic primary race.

Auchincloss has 33,216 votes to Mermell’s 31,710 giving him a slim one percent lead, 22-to-21, with 96-percent of the precincts reporting.

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“While the results of our primary are being calculated, I encourage all voters and candidates to allow the process to comprehensively and lawfully unfold,” Auchincloss, a Newton City Councilor, said in a statement early Wednesday. “While we always expected a competitive race, we are confident that our full-district campaign will be victorious when the results are announced.”

In a statement early Wednesday, Mermell, a former Brookline select board member, said it’s too early to declare a winner and she wants to ensure every vote is counted.

Mermell’s campaign manager sent a letter to city and town clerks Wednesday morning asking them to publicly share information about how many ballots are left to be counted and how many late ballots they have.

“We are asking that publicly reported data be more robust to ensure the unique manner of voting is also reflected in a unique reporting which ensures the campaigns, the media and the public are confident in the results before any decision is made on further counting requests,” she wrote.

A judge approved Secretary of State Bill Galvin’s petition with a state court Wednesday asking for more time for cities and towns to count ballots that they received in time but still hadn’t tallied because of the high volume of mailed votes. Galvin said he will be asking town clerks to count the ballots in a public setting on Thursday to maintain transparency.

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The town clerk of Wellesley notified the Elections Division that her staff will be counting the remaining ballots that were received by 8 p.m. Sept. 1 and have not yet been counted on Thursday, Sept. 3, at 9 a.m. The count will take place in the Great Hall at Wellesley Town Hall.

Auchincloss and Mermell, who is a former member of Governor Deval Patrick’s administration, rose to the top of a crowded field of Democratic candidates in the district that stretches from the Rhode Island border to the western suburbs of Boston.

The winner will face Republican Julie Hall, an Air Force veteran, in the November general election. She defeated David Rosa Tuesday night.

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  1. JimStark says:

    This is bad. With that many hats in the ring even a dope like Mermell can win and in this heavily gerrymandered district Mermell will likely win the general election.

    1. Mermell is by far the better candidate. Voters are no fools. They know the best when they see it. Atchincloss is an entitled prig who assumed he could waltz in.

    2. Let me register my strongest warning that Julie Hall is a Trump fan. She recently held a Blue Lives Matter rally downtown in Attleboro. She ran against our present State Rep. and lost. In 2016 she said she wanted Trump to win. “I want a strong candidate.” There are hints that she is being supported by big money who want to turn this area (Attleboro), southeastern MA republican. She ran as a law and order candidate in the primary. And even though she worked in healthcare administration in the military she made NO statement about containing COVID. That was pretty cowardly. I have called her ‘smarmy’ on line and in public. I don’t think she wants to do the work. She just wants the office.

      Our present Rep., Jim Hawkins, is acclaimed and valued by everyone due to his hard work and reaching out to stakeholders. He was elected overwhelmingly since people in Attleboro know his work and presence doing community work. I hope Mermell wins. She would be like Jim: Real and not Plastic.

  2. Henry Cavill says:

    Auchincloss is the dope. Progressive candidates also outperformed corporate candidates so if the race was less split,
    Auchincloss would have gotten demolished.

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