BOSTON (CBS) – Eight communities in Massachusetts are now considered high risk for coronavirus infections. The state released an updated color-coded map and data on Wednesday based on average positive test rates.

Compared to the previous two-week period, 86% of communities have either seen improvement or no change in their average daily case numbers.

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Towns and cities are colored red, yellow, green, or white based on the number of cases. Communities in red have the highest risk level. As of Wednesday, they include Chelsea, Everett, Framingham, Lawrence, Lynn, Revere, Westhampton and Winthrop.

Map of coronavirus infection rates in Massachusetts (Image credit Mass. DPH)

Brockton and Sutton were red last week and are now yellow.

Red indicates municipalities with more than eight cases of COVID per 100,000 people, yellow indicates municipalities between four and eight cases per 100,000, which is considered a moderate risk level, green indicates municipalities with less than four cases per 100,000, white indicates less than five total cases of COVID-19 reported in the most recent 14-day period.

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