By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – Dozens of parents headed to the State House Sunday to protest the new student flu shot mand ate.Earlier this month, health officials announced that all students six months old through college will be required to get the vaccine by the end of the year.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker says the shots are needed to keep the health care system from getting overwhelmed by coronavirus and seasonal flu.

A rally against mandatory fly shots in Massachusetts. (WBZ-TV)

The Sunday rally began at about 10 a.m. on Beacon Hill, with hundreds gathering outside the statehouse while hoisting signs and chanting loudly.

“We think that’s complete government overreach, and we’re here to fight for all the kids,” said one parent. “They shouldn’t have to get the flu shot.”

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health says the flu shot is “an important step to reduce flu-related illness and the overall impact of respiratory illness during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“I just think that we should be able to choose what goes into my son’s body,” said Jennifer Cordy, a parent from Beverly who attended the rally with her son. “And we should be able to say yes or say no and government should not choose that for us.”

“I’ve been really stressed out about it, but I’m contemplating having to homeschool until hopefully this gets reversed. But I’m not going to pressure me into getting a flu shot. I don’t get a flu shot, my kids don’t get it,” she continued.

Cordy’s 10-year-old son Xavier added, “I don’t like random things going into my body without my consent.”

The only people excused from the flu shot are for medical reasons, religious reasons or children who are fully homeschooled.

The deadline to get a flu shot for this school year is December 31.

Paul Burton

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  1. Jim Freeman says:

    Yeah, now we have the BANKER OCCUPIED GOVERNMENT trying to take advantage of COVID to inject our kids with their corporate DRUGS and VACCINES, and they do not SHOW what is in them. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SNEAK THIS ONE THROUGH LIKE YOUR PATRIOT BILL!

  2. Dennis F Thompson says:

    You people are total a”s the flue season is coming and a flue shot will help // Covid is bad enough we do not need a flue pandemic // get a flue shot and life will go on and help many people // remember chicken pocks ,measles, mumps a vaccine helped cure these problems // the social mind today is very strange things that will help are a social issue // get a flue shot and go with God

    1. Hey Buddy.. do your research and you will see vaccines cause horrible side effects including Autism. The government has no right to tell you what you have to put something into your childs body that has proven to be dangerous.

      1. K says:

        I know it’s useless to keep stating facts in a post-fact world, but vaccines do NOT cause autism, as the overwhelming scientific research confirms. That was one study with 12 kids and the lead researcher was paid by an attorney looking to sue vaccine companies. The magazine which first published the study later retracted it. More than 2 dozen studies since have not found any link. Why will people believe one debunked study but dismiss dozens of others? That’s called selection bias.

    2. Maranatha Today says:

      Please check out childrenshealthdefense . org. Robert Kennedy Jnr is fighting tooth and nail to get this the fact that vaccines are no longer what they used to be.

      Big Pharma are making billions since they hijacked the intended use and cannot be used for harm done to anyone. I am not ‘antivax” just “pro-choice”. Anyone should be able to choose whether they want to take one or not.

      Check out the debate between him and Alan Dershowitz on You Tube. Also be aware that fetus parts, aluminium and so many other horrible things go into these vaccines!

      https://childrenshealthdefense .org check out the article below. Ultimately it should be everyone’s individual choice.


  3. Dennis F Thompson says:

    Paulette , that is BS// the vaccines have helped more people then hurt // with today’s problem’s getting a flue shot is the correct way to help all of us // what if their was no flue shot to help us //that will create the next big issue // Govt has every right to help us // you do not have to get a flue shot if you desire that is your call // do not dictate to me what i should do /

  4. Jerry Springfield says:

    Keep it up y’all. I love working from home!

  5. Stick Man says:

    There is no freedom in Massachusetts. Unbelievably sad considering this is where independence was born. Only the voters can make a difference. Don’t vote for people just because the Globe ordered you to.

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