By Jim Smith

BOSTON (CBS) – It is crunch time in the Senate race between incumbent senator Ed Markey and challenger Congressman Joe Kennedy. Three separate polls in recent days show Markey up by as many 12 points, but the Kennedy camp argues it is still neck-and-neck.

Ed Markey arrived upbeat for a campaign event in Newton, one of many stops on a bus tour through several communities.

Given recent polls, Markey has reason for optimism, but he had an urgent tone asking for support. “If you have my back for the final two days, I will have your back for the final six years of a fight for justice in our country,” said Markey at his campaign event on Sunday.

Markey also said he is taking nothing for granted.

“In politics, only the paranoid survive. So we are going to go 24-7, non-stop, right to the wire, all gas, no brake, and go right to the tape 8 o’clock on Tuesday night.”

This year, many Massachusetts residents have already voted by mail. So this final weekend was all about courting the votes of those who have not decided yet.

As for Congressman Kennedy, he was up early hitting the streets of Charleston. He shook hands and went door-to-door, realizing that every vote is crucial.

He campaigned late into the night, a Sunday night stop in Fall River.

“Thrilled to be back in Fall River. The enthusiasm is overwhelming here, the excitement is there, it’s palpable. Great turnout here from this community and the response from cars going by is really exciting,” Kennedy told WBZ-TV.

Only one more full day of campaigning Monday, and then it comes down to the vote Tuesday.

Jim Smith


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