BOURNE, Mass. (AP) — Plans are underway to build a machine gun range at a Cape Cod base used for training by the Massachusetts Army National Guard.

The proposal for Camp Edwards at Joint Base Cape Cod, the first of its kind in the state, is contained in a 100-page environmental assessment prepared for the Guard and an accompanying draft finding that says the project would have no significant impacts, the Cape Cod Times reports.

Most of the noise from the range would be contained on the base, but some noise could affect “multiple neighborhoods as well as an elementary school” located to the east of the range, according to a report done as part of the assessment.

The National Guard is currently accepting written comments from the public on the proposal.

Such training currently has to be done at a camp in Vermont which is about 270 miles away.

“Camp Edwards’ primary mission is to prepare soldiers for combat missions overseas as well as missions to serve and protect the homeland stateside,” the assessment says. “As Camp Edwards serves as the primary training site for Massachusetts, the proposed action is also needed to ensure the continued and long-term viability of Camp Edwards as a training center.”

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  1. JN says:

    Gee, if only there was an Army base somewhere in New England that could accommodate the needs of the National Guard.

    Oh yeah. There used to be one. From 1917 to 1996, in Ayer. Trained hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Was called Fort Devens. But our congressional misrepresentation let it die rather than agitate to keep the thousands of jobs, the hundreds of highly-skilled electronics workers the Intelligence School turned out, who were assiduously recruited by the local high-tech companies when they got out, the millions of dollars in payrolls….

    Well, surprise, the machine gun ranges are already there, have been for years, on the South Post, which the Federal Government still maintains and controls. Why not put the money to be spent on the new range at Edwards into Devens’ South Post instead? There are still existing barracks that could be renovated to house the Guardsmen there for training.

    I trained at Edwards; the environmental restrictions prevented us from taking vehicles more than 100 meters from the paved roads, the buildings were essentially uninhabitable – Dukakis didn’t want to spend any money on the base.

  2. Timothy Belanger says:

    They had one 30 years ago.

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