By Mike LaCrosse

DANVERS (CBS) – North Shore high school student athletes came together in downtown Danvers Friday afternoon rallying to save their fall seasons. The students are all a part of the Northeastern Conference, which is made up of 12 communities: including Peabody, Salem and Danvers.

“I’m hoping that it helps the people who make the decision to rethink what they decided and maybe even change their minds if that’s even likely,” said a Masconomet freshman soccer player.

The students are usually playing against each other, but they put the competition aside hoping their unified voice will help make a difference.

High school students rally to save fall sports season (WBZ-TV)

“We’re all as one, we’re excited for the same thing,” said Savanna Vargas of Peabody High School.

The athletes are hoping to persuade the NEC. On Monday, it voted to postpone fall sports moving them to what’s being called the “Fall 2 season,” which is set for February of 2021.

The conference says its decision is party based on the fact that five of the 12 schools in the division won’t be able to participate because their communities are in the red category for Covid-19, but the students think the seven others should be able to play.

High school students rally to save fall sports season (WBZ-TV)

The division says: “We recognize that connections for all students are critical, especially with the start of the school year during the most challenging of times and the loss of a spring sports season for many student-athletes. We want to provide experiences for our students that are safe.”

Details are still being worked out about the Fall 2 season.

Mike LaCrosse