LAWRENCE (CBS) — The husband of a woman accused of running an illegal daycare in Lawrence is also facing criminal charges. Police said 53-year-old Justiniano Ventura threatened the person who filed the initial complaint against the daycare.

On August 12, police responded to a triple-decker on Bromfield Street after receiving a complaint from a father who said there were too many kids and a foul smell in the apartment. Twenty-five children were in the apartment at the time. The woman inside told police she was not running a daycare but was watching a few kids for parents running errands and working. The officer also noted in the report that the apartment was set up with proper COVID-19 regulations.

Ventura was charged with intimidation of a witness and threats to commit a crime. He was arraigned in Lawrence District Court.

While the owner of the daycare has been charged with operating an illegal daycare, their identity has not been made public.

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  1. Remember when says:

    “Twenty-five children were in the apartment at the time” … “watching a few kids”, Hey can I borrow a “few” bucks?
    Is the State supposed to inspect these places?

  2. JimStark says:

    We have to be open minded to other peoples cultures. /sarc
    This is what you get when you import cheap labor.

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