LONDONDERRY, N.H. (CBS) — President Donald Trump has changed the location for his rally Friday evening in New Hampshire.

The rally was set to be held at the PeriCohas Hangar near Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, but it was moved Thursday to a different hanger, Pro Star Aviation on Kelly Avenue, in nearby Londonderry. The time is still set at 6 p.m. Friday.

WBZ-TV reached out to the Trump campaign to ask why it made the change, but there has been no response yet.

The rally was originally supposed to happen in July, but the Trump campaign said they decided to postpone it because of Tropical Storm Fay.

In New Hampshire, masks are mandated for events with more than 100 people. The Trump campaign said when announcing the event that masks are required and will be provided to attendees.

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  1. jean L kelly says:

    No response!?! Oh my goodness,too\ funny!

  2. Jean Monagle says:

    Who cares why? Welcome back to NH Mr. President! Trump 2020

    1. dave says:

      How do Trump supporters reconcile with their god the fact that they are enabling a child abusing president and failed to speak up because the abused were the wrong color?

  3. Trump2020 says:

    Dave, stop propagating these false rumors. All of you Libs with TDS hang onto every False negative thing heard about President Trump and repeat them.
    How do Biden supporters reconcile with their god that they are supporting a racist (VP HAD to be a black woman) child molester with severe dementia that condones the destruction of American cities?

  4. Trump2020 says:

    Scan through this web page and tell us how you could support Biden.

    1. I can support Biden because he is a human being. Trump is not; he is Satan. It’s that simple.

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