By Bill Shields

MILFORD (CBS) – Officials in Milford are hoping a massive party there last weekend won’t turn into a COVID superspreader event.

“It could be a superspreader event, which we’re really hoping is not the case,” said Director of Public Health Jacquelyn Murphy.

A Milford man received a $1,500 fine after holding a house party with 200 people. (WBZ-TV)

The party was last Saturday night and involved an estimated 200 people. Police were called, and the ensuing report indicated few were wearing masks. Volleyball games were being played in the backyard.

Just this week, Milford has seen its COVID numbers creeping up. But it’s still going to take a week or more to determine if the numbers will jump from the party.

“That does not bode well for events like these,” said Murphy.

Around town, other residents voiced anger and concern when told of the large party.

“It is very scary. People just need to be safe and think about others,” said Charlie Eppinger of Milford.

And on Franklin Street, where the party was held, another resident was angry. “My husband fought COVID, so this makes me angry.” She added that this wasn’t the first large gathering at the house.

Bill Shields


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