HANOVER, N.H. (CBS/AP) – A New Hampshire bear who gained headlines for being saved and relocated, but later journeying miles back home with her cubs has died.

Mink the Bear was set to be euthanized in 2017 along with three of her offspring after repeated problems with them feeding from trash and bird feeders culminated with two bears entering a home in Hanover.

An online petition gained over 10,000 signatures and Gov. Chris Sununu ordered the bears be relocated to far northern New Hampshire. This spring, however, Mink returned home to her preferred environment near Dartmouth College.

In recent days, New Hampshire Fish and Game noticed a lack of activity being recorded on Mink’s tracking collar. Mink’s remains were found on a gravel bar in the Mascoma River in Lebanon.

According to Valley News, environmental officials did not find any bullet fragments and instead believe Mink was likely hit by a car.

Gov. Sununu reacted on Twitter to news of Mink’s death.

Fish and Game officials are hoping to locate Mink’s cubs so they can bring them to Kilham Bear Center in Lyme for the winter.

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  1. Melanie says:

    I don’t believe that for a second. Hit by a car??? How about someone leaving poisoned food out for her to eat!!! Shameful what has happened to this poor bear, who simply trying to survive while her land is being taken daily by human development, making her territory to find food in smaller and smaller!!! A bear hit by a vehicle would have obvious outward trauma. This bear did not!!

  2. Henry Storkelson says:

    Of course you don’t believe it Melanie. You’ve been coddled your whole life, and the only critical thinking skills you learned from your liberal professors was how to quantify a carbon footprint. Stop trying to make your emotions “think” for you and life will become a lot less frantic and hysterical.

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