BOSTON (CBS) — The 2020 Massachusetts Sales Tax Holiday takes place Saturday, August 29 and Sunday, August 30 this year. It’s a date many shoppers have marked on their calendars as a time to buy big-ticket items without having to pay the state’s 6.25% sales tax.

Gov. Charlie Baker said it’s more important than ever this weekend to support small businesses that have been struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic.

So what qualifies for the tax exemption? The state says any retail items up to $2,500 that are bought in Massachusetts for personal – not business – use. That includes rental items, as well as purchases made online.

There are a number of things that don’t qualify for the exemption this weekend. For example, consumers shouldn’t be surprised to see they’re still being charged a sales tax when going out to eat. Buying a car or boat will also still be taxed no matter how much it costs. And taxes are still in place for alcohol and marijuana purchases in Massachusetts.

Below is the full list of retail items that do not qualify for exemptions. You can get more info about the state sales tax holiday at

  • Meals
  • Motor vehicles
  • Motorboats
  • Telecommunications services
  • Gas
  • Steam
  • Electricity
  • Tobacco products
  • Marijuana or marijuana products
  • Alcoholic beverages, and
  • Any single item whose price is more than $2,500.
  1. JOHN J DUMAS says:

    Items (beer, motorboats, ect.) “made in Massachusetts” should be exempt for the first $2,500!

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