By Juli McDonald

MANSFIELD (CBS) – A memorial to the heroes of the war on terror is in Mansfield this week. An American flag made up of thousands of dog tags from those who died is being displayed at the police and fire complex.

“Freedom isn’t free. They were all comrades in arms. They didn’t care at all what the guy next to them was in terms of race, religion, ethnicity, color. Didn’t matter,” said Paul Monti of Raynham.

A humbling display of service and the ultimate sacrifice. The Fallen Heroes Memorial has arrived in Mansfield, honoring the lives of brave men and women who gave everything in the Global War on Terror.

Paul Monti examines dog tags at Fallen Heroes Memorial in Mansfield (WBZ-TV)

“I look for my son and I look for his buddies and people I knew on there,” Monti said.

Studying the American flag made up of some 7000 dog tags holds a different weight for Monti. One of the names was his world, his son Jared killed in Afghanistan in 2006.

“First of all you just want to cry. So many young people are missing from our society. Young people who had so much to give and ended up giving their life,” he said.

The traveling memorial will be on East Street until Sunday afternoon. The Mansfield Field of Honor hopes visitors feel gratitude and pride.

Fallen Heroes Memorial on display in Mansfield (WBZ-TV)

“Proud to be an American. Appreciate those that give us the right to even be here now,” said Field of Honor Chair Jeri Rumsis.

During a time of bitter division in our country, the memorial offers a chance to bring communities together.

“We are one nation under God. All men are created equal. There shouldn’t be any division in this country. We should all be working together for one goal: the freedom of all,” Monti added.

Juli McDonald


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