BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts residents receiving unemployment might qualify for an extra $300 a week in benefits for three weeks.

The state announced Monday that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had approved its application for funding under President Trump’s Lost Wages Supplemental Payment Assistance program.

“The grant will fund an additional $300 weekly payment to those who are eligible for the three weeks ending 8/1/20, 8/8/20, and 8/15/20,” the state’s Office of Labor and Workforce Development said in a statement.

The money will automatically be given to most people currently receiving unemployment benefits in Massachusetts.

“Most claimants currently receiving benefits do not need to take any action because the Commonwealth will automatically add LWA to their weekly benefit payment retroactive to the dates they are eligible,” the state said.

The extra money from FEMA is a short-term fix to cover the emergency $600 a week payments that went away when the CARES Act expired in July.

  1. Audrey Harvey says:

    if my unemployment ends before the extra 300, will I still be elgible for these funds

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